TRADES Artist in Residence program benefits visiting artists and people of Hawai‘i mutually and equally. We view sharing and exchange as fundamental modes of learning and community building. We forge connections. Beyond a residency’s usual provision of time and space, TRADES foregrounds place.



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Derek Larson

Fall 2018
Honolulu, Oʻahu Hawaiʻi

Completing our Fall 2018 double bill, Derek G. Larson joined us in December from Savannah, Georgia. Larson shared and expanded upon his animated series Très Mall—which follows Jon, an artist who inherits a strip mall, and his friends, engaged in dialogue with writers on “topics in philosophy, activism and the environment.” Très Mall contrasts the mundanity of its setting and the “misplaced ambitions” of its protagonist with philosophic nuance and academic expertise.

Derek’s Honolulu residency included a screening of Très Mall, interviews with local thinkers and activists, a public animation workshop with Art Explorium, and of course a visit to Ala Moana Center.