TRADES Artist in Residence program benefits visiting artists and people of Hawai‘i mutually and equally. We view sharing and exchange as fundamental modes of learning and community building. We forge connections. Beyond a residency’s usual provision of time and space, TRADES foregrounds place.



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New Red Order

Winter 2021
Honolulu, Oʻahu Hawaiʻi

In collaboration with Koa Gallery at Kapiolani Community College; with the cooperation of the Honolulu Museum of Art, Arts and Letters Nu‘uanu, and Aupuni Space; and the generous support of Laila Twigg-Smith Art Fund—TRADES co-hosted core contributors Jackson Polys (Tlingit), Adam Khalil (Ojibway), and Zack Khalil (Ojibway) of the New Red Order (NRO) in February and March of 2021. NRO is a “public secret society” employing self-described “informants” to subversively yet earnestly interrogate desires—individual and collective—for indigeneity. NRO’s project while in Hawai‘i—Out of Step, In Place—explored the similarities / dissimilarities, connections and disconnections between different indigenous practices and concerns in the arts around appropriation and collaboration. NRO temporarily repositioned their Alaska Native and American Indian perspectives into constellation with a Native Hawaiian context, to discern how place-based indigenous systems of knowledge might coexist and communicate with one another. NRO’s residency included studio visits with artists, collection research at the Bishop Museum, and a window installation at the Koa Gallery. NRO presented three public evenings of film programming with panel conversations moderated by Drew Kahu‘āina Broderick (curator, Koa Gallery) and Taylour Chang (curator, Honolulu Museum of Art) that were also available by streaming.

Drew Kahuʻāina Broderick, Jackson Polys, Zack Khalil, Suzanna Kite and Adam Khalil